The 8th Mont-Blanc Meetings (MBM), international event gathered SSE actors of 5 continents, took place 6 to 8 December 2017 in Archamps, Grand Genève Français, on the theme “SSE: the new efficiency”.

On this occasion, SSE International Forum has launched a call for initiatives rewarding and promoting the co-creation of sustainable and inclusive solutions and innovations.



Because field initiatives provide clear evidence of SSE’s social, civic, environmental and economic efficiency!

Because sharing and the willingness to build together are at the core of SSE!

Because efficiency cannot be imagined without a collective and collaborative action, which is at the heart of SSE!



For SSE structures (association, co-operative, social enterprise, mutual, foundation) from the 5 continents

With proven initiatives and projects on a territory and wishing to accelerate their development and change scale

Committed in a collective and partnership dynamic of projects, with a desire to facilitate the setting up of collaborations



3 SSE structures,

Representing the geographic and thematic diversity of SSE

Responding to the challenges identified by the orientation document of the 8th MBM:
1/ SSE: Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainable development
2/ SSE: Democratic and partnership governance at the service of efficiency
3/ SSE: Efficient and sustainable responses to the needs of the populations

& which innovations and collaborative dynamic reveal new opportunities for sustainable and inclusive development




1/ An invitation to the Mont-Blanc Meetings (including your transportation, accomodation and entrance to the MBM):

  • 3 days of exchange between SSE actors from the whole world gathered for pleanary sessions, cross perspectives and collaborative workshops
  • Sharing of ideas and good practices
  • Construction of concrete solutions and prospective reflections

2/ A unique springboard to meet new partners from the 5 continents and promote your project:

  • Visibility: Pitch of your initiative during a plenary session of the 8th MBM & Promotion of your initiative to international organizations during the advocacy activities of SSE International Forum
  • Networking: Inspiring meetings and time for exchange with the key actors of SSE who meet the challenges you are facing

3/ A personalized coaching and support from our partners MakeSense and Coach Around the World within the project place of the MBM:

  • Acceleration, structuring and coaching sessions
  • Place of sharing and mutual enrichment





The promotion of your project in the 5th Initiatives Report of SSE International Forum: ″Solutions & Innovations for a new efficiency″, a publication highlighting the concrete solutions that SSE brings to contemporary challenges.


Even if our Call for initiatives is closed, you can include your project in our 5th Initiatives Report of SSE International Forum: ″Solutions & Innovations for a new efficiency″, by filling the following form (according to a limited number of characters) and by sending 2 pictures symbolizing your project and your logo to the following adress :