Place : Bolivar department

Launch of the Project : 2007

Number of members : 22 persons

Number of employes : 0

Saleforce : Approx. 80.000 USD /yr

FEM was founded in 2007 by four teachers who sought to improve the teaching skills of teachers in public education through a methodology called dap(R). But they realized that the problem does not just come from the lack of competence in education, but also a planning problem, a malfunction of the public services, organizational management, resources management and even public health !

Since 2010, the FEM has expanded its social objective by converting the skills model to improve the quality of life. FEM essentially adapts to community training requirements without imposing its agenda. Volunteer-based, we work in 3 teams : HERITAGE ; HABITAT ; ENTREPRENEURSHIP


Objective: Increase opportunities for collaboration between people of different ethnic, social, economic and geographical background to mutually improve our skills and building a fairer country.

Passion: We believe that human beings have a social, psychological, physical and spiritual dimension. We have a holistic approach, and we believe the problems are solved not only by breaking down but also trying to understand from the perspective of new ideas and people, which makes innovation possible and therefore doing the change in circumstances.

It is not about “helping” our beneficiaries, in the FEM we all learn, not just communities. This is an experimental learning experience throughout the country, its realities, its differences, and that we need to solve our problems and our loss of confidence.

We promote practical knowledge and recognition among people, to better understand that this country will only improve through assembly. For example, communities find ways to organize themselves, strengthening their leadership and their well-being and development. Volunteers, local and international, learn much from these traditions and culture, in an exchange that makes us all better. We are willing to innovate, co- create businesses, initiatives, projects, and anything that could help get our message of cooperation and development in all possible areas.